How to Maximize Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Nothing's worse then a dead battery. Here's how to keep your phone juiced for longer

Three new tech concepts you might actually use from CES 2014

Three takeaways from the Las Vegas showcase

Is the Xbox One still failing to deliver the goods?

Has the eagerly anticipated game console lived up to the hype?


Play Instant Video on Your iPad

With over 84 million units sold to date, the iPad is clearly the top choice when it…


How Wi-Fi Works

Ever since networking came into existence, it has undergone numerous improvements to cater to people’s needs in…


Is Technology Making Books Obsolete?

“Survival of the Fittest” is the most profound law or mantra recognized in our environment. Since time…


Not Digging it Anymore – The Secret of Diggs Failure

When Digg was launched in 2004 as merely an experiment by its founders, no one had anticipated…


Oh, no! Ads on your Cell phone!

If it comes to the hottest technological trend being observed today, cell phones would perhaps be the…


Two Cool Space War Games

The extra-terrestrial life has always intrigued us. With the success of movies such as Predator, Alien, and…


Play Atari Games in the 21st Century

Video gaming wasn’t always supposed to be some colorful pixels thrown into an interactive environment where the…


Bluetooth Review – What’s the Big Deal

We are in an age of digital communication where, if anything is bringing our pace of work…


Diablo 3 Inferno Update: Video Reveals Lucrative Farming Spots

Diablo die-hards readily agree that the Inferno Mode of the game is the hardest to surmount and…


How the New Touch Computing Trend can Simplify Your Online Life

Almost all the major computer manufacturers have introduced products that incorporate a touch screen. Industry experts appear…

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