How to Maximize Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Nothing's worse then a dead battery. Here's how to keep your phone juiced for longer

Three new tech concepts you might actually use from CES 2014

Three takeaways from the Las Vegas showcase

Is the Xbox One still failing to deliver the goods?

Has the eagerly anticipated game console lived up to the hype?


iPhone 5 Coming Soon – What Neat Features Can You Expect?

According to news out of Korea, which definitely has its finger on the tech pulse – the…


The Best iPad Apps

Apple today, is not only a technological giant, but is a major life-altering force. Of lately, the…


iPhone 4s Reviews

The iPhone is not just another cell phone. Every year, a new version of the iPhone comes…


Where is my Flying Car? The Future is Now

Well before we first envied George Jetson and his sleek little flying car, engineers had been drawing…


Some Key Differences between Netbooks and Notebooks

Earlier, computers existed which occupied whole rooms and did nothing more than maybe add some numbers. But…


Unmanned Surveillance Drones and a Critical Question

The human mind has evolved through the ages, and so have the products born out of it….


Big Data – The Next Big Thing in the IT World

With billions of users worldwide, over 2.5 quintillion (fifth power of a million) bytes of electronic data…


The New iPod Touch

Music is not what it was. Though its essence is the same, yet it is now propagated…


Unmanned Drones and Their Significance

Unmanned drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs are essentially aircraft with no human pilots…


Hidden Spy Cameras

It is said that the true persona of human beings comes out when they are alone. What…

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