3 Tech Gadgets All Cyclists Will Want

cyclistsphonesIf you’re an avid cyclist, you might not think much about technology, aside from aerodynamics and keeping your helmet as safe as possible. However, there are many different technological innovations that have been incredibly beneficial for cyclists through the years.

Now there are even more coming on the market that have some cyclists drooling with anticipation. After all, the more comfortable, safer, or more enjoyable a ride through town, the countryside, or along city streets can be, it would be well worth it.

Wireless Turn Signal

Yes, cyclists are supposed to use hand signals whenever coming upon a turn or when stopping. Not many actually do this anymore unless they know there are cars behind them or coming the opposite way. It can actually be a dangerous situation in city driving taking a hand off the handlebar to signal, which is why wireless turn signals are a great asset.

Not only do these LED signals provide visual cues to drivers behind the cyclist, they also emit a loud beep to indicate that the rider is going to be making a turn. That can help grab just about anyone’s attention to what’s ahead for them.

These wireless turn signals are positioned under the seat so drivers can easily see them and they are controlled by a small button by the handrail, allowing the rider to remain safely in control at all times.

GPS Turn by Turn Navigation

There are a few different brands, but Hammerhead is one of the elite. This is a GPS device that will tell cyclists turn by turn where they need to go, whether they’re just out for a 40 mile ride on a Saturday or actually trying to reach a particular destination. There’s no need to look around and try to figure out what street is coming up and whether or not they have to actually turn, get into the left portion of the lane, or put themselves in harm’s way because they’re not sure where the next turn is.

By relying on technology that sits right on the center of the handlebars, the rider is able to see the lights indicating the next turn. It can even integrate with certain cycling apps.

The Siva Cycle Atom

For those cyclists that want to bring along powered devices, such as a smartphone or the aforementioned GPS navigation system, the Siva Cycle Atom is a device that connects to the bicycles axle and generates power. Connecting devices to it is easy via the USB port.

It also comes with a charging battery so if the cyclist didn’t want to actually charge anything (or deal with the hassle of tying anything down) while riding, they could charge it when they reached their destination. This might not seem like a great innovation, considering you can charge devices from almost anywhere now, but many cyclists enjoy riding into the middle of nowhere. Trying to rest and relax and still keep in touch with loved ones may not be possible if that phone or other device runs out of battery.


Written by G. T. Hedlund


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