5 Best Tech Blogs

techblogsYou can barely throw a ham and cheese sandwich around these days without hitting another blog. It’s just about the biggest ‘in’ thing for people to be doing, this blogging thing. While that is a great way for some people to share their ideas, knowledge, and passion for just about anything and everything under the sun, it leads to some challenges.

Like trying to figure out what blogs are worth following. When it comes to technology and innovation, tech blogs are the way to go. You want to be able to have access to the best, most informative, and most accurate blogs you can, and here is a great place to start your journey.

Tech Blog 1: Mashable. You might not think that something that essentially grabs a host of other content and crams in all together in one messy Smorgasborg would be something to write home about, but Mashable does a decent job when it comes to technology. If you’re looking for entertainment and information, you can’t go wrong with Mashable.

Tech Blog 2: Gizmodo. This blog has been a must follow for quite some time and even though they have a bit of a scandal in their relatively recent past (I say ‘relatively recent’ because when you’re talking about technology, even something a year old can be considered antiquated), they still post some great, relevant, and well thought out blogs to keep eager techies current on the latest developments.

In fact, when it comes to breaking stories, Gizmodo pretty much corners the market on the entire notion of news you gotta know.

Tech Blog 3: ZDNet. The longer a company has been around on the Internet, the better its reputation seems to be. You might be thinking that a blog or company that’s been around 10 years is worth something. How about 20? Pretty impressive, I know. Well, ZDNet starting in 1991, making it 24 years old. It was purchased by CNET in 2000 and still reigns supreme as one of the leading blogs in the tech world.

Tech Blog 4: Wired.com. When it comes to news, Wired.com is the third most popular site on the Internet. It publishes content that runs the gamut from entertainment to general news, business to science, gadgets to fashion. While you’re bound to find a lot of useless information on Wired.com, you’re also going to be in touch with some of the best tech news and other information.

Tech Blog 5: TheVerge.com. If you’re more interested in reading tech news, then The Verge is the place you want to visit on a regular basis. Constantly updated with the latest tech news and information, The Verge has become a highly popular site that also provides some useful insights into how technology (and certain innovations) will be impacting society (or is already doing so).

There are hundreds upon hundreds of tech blogs to choose from and while there may be other sites that offer some useful information, these are the best ones at the moment, as far as I’m concerned.



Written by G. T. Hedlund

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