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4 Fascinating Sci-Fi Books That Predicted Internet Tech

It is the job of a sci-fi writer to look to the future and predict what kind…

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5 Tips for Making Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

Laptop batteries are shockingly, annoying expensive. Some batteries cost as much as $150. Over time, a laptop…

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Great Retailers to Buy a Mac From (That Aren’t the Apple Store)

The Apple Store is a wonderful place to shop. True, it gets crowded around the holidays, but…

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Best Apple Peripherals for Under $100

Mac users love Apple computers because of their reliability, beautiful design, and wonderful usability. Whether you prefer…


3 Mac Apps for Making Your Photos Look Awesome

There’s just something about Macs that makes them ideal for photography and design work. If you’re a…


Four Little-Known Ways to Use Your iPhone for Household Tasks

The iPhone truly is an amazing piece of technology. Besides just making cell phone calls, it’s capable…


Ouya: ‘Oh Yeah!’ or ’Oh No!’?

After much speculation, adulation and consternation, the Ouya was finally available at major retailers on June 25….

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Best Ways to Clean Old Electronics

While we are obsessed with getting our hands on the latest and greatest tech releases, many of…


How Can I Tell if I Have a Computer Virus?

If you find that your computer is running slowly or crashing frequently, a computer virus or malware…


4 Interesting Facts About Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was one of the most polarizing, iconic, and beloved technology leaders of the last 50…

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