How to Maximize Your iPhone’s Battery Life

iphone batteryOne complaint that a lot of iPhone users have had over the years is the phone’s inability to hold a charge for a long time. Recently, many users have complained that the iPhone’s battery life seemed to diminish after upgrading to iOS 7. If you want to prolong your phone’s battery life, the following tips can help ensure that you are never stranded with a dead battery.

1. Adjust your iPhone settings

Turning off Wi-Fi when you are on the go can reduce the drain on your battery. You can also turn off AirDrop when not in use, disable automatic app updates, turn off “frequent locations,” and de-select the “Parallax” motion effect. These small changes can really help reduce battery drain.

2. Develop good app habits

You need to get into the habit of shutting down apps that you aren’t actively using, particularly apps that use GPS. By shutting down these apps, you can prolong your battery life.

3. Adopt good charging practices

To prolong the life of your iPhone battery, it is important to follow a few best practices. Try to avoid letting the battery run all the way down, and also try to avoid letting your dead phone sit around for days without being charged up again. Invest in an app that lets you do a “trickle charge” once per month.

4. Buy a new case

Case brands like mophie, Powermat, and BOOSTCASE have “juice packs” that can prolong your battery life. By swapping your old case for a case that has battery boosting abilities, you will be able to stay on the go for longer.

5. Update your blocked list

If you have been getting a lot of sales phone calls, prank phone calls or spam phone calls from certain numbers, take the time to add those numbers to your blocked list. Even phone calls that you don’t answer can drain your battery, so an updated blocked list is a simple step towards limiting that drain.

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Improving Halloween Costume Ideas Through Outfit Wigs

Lace Front Wigs For Fashionable Girls In Everyday Life

Both men and women are shocked when they discover that their hair is falling out in clumps. My hair falls in the middle of my back and its REAL (and no I am not Bob Wigs Online Shop 2015 biracial I am a dark brown black sister) Black women can grow longer hair but chose to do various things likes weaves, perms, wigs etc for versatility and easier maintenance.

In this situation if you had one of your favorite wigs on it will save you time and the stress of getting your hair messed up. You have probably experienced having your hair looking fly when you leave the house and by the time you get home it is a hot mess.

As a Black Woman Entrepreneur, Marketing Consultant & Coach, who works with women of color who are struggling to establish their presence in the business world both online and offline & struggling to attract more customers in order to build successful business both online and offline.

That coupled with the glass ceiling effect that many women in general have encountered, throw in race and gender, a Black business woman might as well have a quadruple by-pass surgery and call it a day.

I cannot tell you how discouraging and frustrating it is to look at a black hairstyle magazine, and over 98% of the magazine is not about growing your own hair; it is mainly devoted to maintaining artificial hair such as wigs and weaves.

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5 Tips for Making Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

Apple Battery Icon imageLaptop batteries are shockingly, annoying expensive. Some batteries cost as much as $150. Over time, a laptop battery loses capacity, resulting in lower battery health and more frequent charge cycles. In some cases, a laptop battery may give out in as little as two years. If you want to avoid paying for a new laptop battery in the coming years, these tips can help!

Monitor your battery’s health

You should install some type of program or widget to track the health of your battery. Ideally, this app will tell you your current charge, your battery’s current health, and the number of recharge cycles your battery has undergone. I’m partial to iStat Pro, but there are plenty of options out there. These apps let you monitor your battery and alert you when it is time to get a new battery!

Observe good charging protocols

My parents always told me that prolonging battery health was all about letting a device fully lose its charge before starting to recharge it. But in fact, today’s lithium ion batteries age better if they are frequently charged and not allowed to fully deplete.  If you do let the battery run all the way down, make sure that you don’t let it sit around for weeks without being recharged.

Keep it cool

Using a laptop fan or cooling desk is great for keeping your computer working at peak efficiency. A cooler environment is also better for battery health, as lithium batteries degrade faster in high temperature environments.

Minimize peripheral and drive usage

Frequently using battery power to run USB peripherals or running your CD/DVD drive can drastically reduce battery life over time. When not using your computer which is running on battery power, make sure to unplug any peripherals that are not in use.

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Great Retailers to Buy a Mac From (That Aren’t the Apple Store)

Ebay logo imageThe Apple Store is a wonderful place to shop. True, it gets crowded around the holidays, but the environment and the staff make getting acquainted with Apple devices very pleasant. However, there are plenty of reasons for a Mac shopper to want to buy their next Apple computer from a retailer other than the Apple Store. Here are some other places you should consider buying your Mac from, that aren’t the Apple Store.

Best Buy

As much fun as browsing the Apple Store can be, there are some parts of the country where a Best Buy is much closer than the nearest Apple Store. For those looking to save money on gas alone, a nearby Best Buy may be preferable to a long trek to an Apple Store many miles away. Plus, Best Buy offers very reasonable and comprehensive protection plans in the event your Mac breaks down. Best Buy also sells Macs on clearance, ensuring that if you time your purchase right, you may save yourself some money.

Online authorized Apple resellers

Sites like MacMall and MacConnection are both authorized Apple resellers, making them a trusted place to buy a new Mac. In many cases, you can find a Mac for about 20 percent less than the original MSRP. MacMall in particular is known for “aggressively priced products” during their secret, members-only sales.


For tech bargain hunters, eBay is always a worthwhile stop. Whether you want a new-in-box Mac or are willing to buy a used model and make some improvements yourself, eBay is worth taking a glance at. Plus, some technology products on eBay can be bundled with a warranty from SquareTrade, giving you better peace of mind.

Your local university

If you are a college student, staff member, or faculty member, you are likely to be eligible for at least $200 in educational discounts when you buy a new Mac. Shopping at your university’s computer shop can compound those discounts in some cases (or at least score you some free software), so it’s always worth a visit to get a price quote.


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3 Mac Apps for Making Your Photos Look Awesome

There’s just something about Macs that makes them ideal for photography and design work. If you’re a Mac user, you may be in the market for a photo editor that can take your photos to the next level. The following Mac-friendly editing suites are great options for anyone who wants to make their ordinary photos look truly extraordinary. Best of all, these apps won’t break the bank!


Current retail price: $14.99

Beautune is the perfect app if your main goal is to make portraits look stunning. Beautune basically is the ultimate in glamour shot photo editing. This app is capable of brightening dull skin, sculpting your features, adding the look of light makeup, and more. If you want the ultimate headshots, dating profile photos, or Facebook profile photos, this is an excellent app to pick up.

Inpaint Pro

Current retail price: $19.99

If you recently uncovered a pile of old photographs in your parent’s attic, this is just the app to use for digitizing those photos and restoring them to their former glory. Inpaint Pro lets you remove date stamps from old photos, or repair damaged parts of a photograph. Also: you can use it to cover up blemishes on a person’s face with less time than it would take you in Photoshop.


Current retail price: $79.99

While this app may seem pricey, it costs far less than many other full-featured photo editing suites. Aperture is great because it boasts non-destructive editing. That means when you make edits, your original is kept separate, making the undo process much simpler and stress-free. There are tons of filters and controls you can apply to your photos with this app, and it is ideal for photographers working with raw image files.

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How to Implement Successful E-Commerce Strategies

How you implement your e-commerce strategies is crucial if you want to develop a successful and lucrative online business that will develop sales growth and increased profit yields. With proper planning in the initial stages, you can rest assured that your e-commerce implementation will be based on a solid foundation that will enjoy success. Here are some tips to help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

Use a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

You may think that you can rely on your web development team to optimize your website. They may claim that they can integrate your inventory to give you the best performance in search engine results. This is not always the case, and this is because web developers specialize in web development. An SEO specialist can help you with some necessary specifics, such as:

Understand the Online Market

This is not rocket science; all it takes is a little time to do some basic market research. It’s important that you know who your key competitors are and how they use technology for their own e-commerce strategies. This will help you build a more solid foundation for your company and also to assess if your budget is sufficient to compete with them on their level. To help you analyze the key players, take a look at these aspects of their websites:

Develop Quality Content to Drive Traffic

If you don’t have the time or skills to create quality content yourself, budget for someone else to do it for you. Content does matter; not just the SEO, but that it’s a suitable length for a website, and most of all that it is something visitors to your site want to read. It is important that pages detailing your applications have concise and accurate descriptions that are also attractive enough to help sell the products. You will need to use short and long descriptions, as well as meta-descriptions to make the most of search engine results.

Writing descriptions of hundreds of different devices, many of which may be similar, is not easy task, especially if you want your products to stand out. Don’t be tempted to rely on the manufacturers’ description, or you will just be gumming up your site with the exact same product descriptions as hundreds of other websites, and that will get you nowhere fast.

A skilled copywriter will be able to put a creative spin on any product description without merely duplicating the obvious facts. It is definitely worth making room in the company budget for.

Develop a Great User Experience (UX)

If visitors to your site find it difficult to navigate, can’t find what they’re looking for or have difficulty checking out, one of two things will tend to happen; they will either struggle through and make their purchase but never return, or give up before making a purchase. This is why it is important to ensure that the UX of your e-commerce site facilitates your customer’s needs as much as possible. Pay particular attention to:

Another good rule of thumb is to allow your customers space to leave feedback. Your business will not grow if you don’t understand your customer’s needs and wishes. Feedback is a great way to get free suggestions on how to improve your service, from the people who matter most.

Best Android Apps to Help You Stay Fit

Everyone is worried about obesity nowadays, since it is one of the biggest health concerns of our time. Considering the kind of lifestyle most people lead, obesity has become a common phenomenon. However, it can be intimidating to keep track of stuff required to stay fit, such as calories consumed and burned, blood pressure, BMI and other related statistics.

Thankfully, there are many useful Android apps that will help keep a good shape. Here are few of the top health apps on Android platform.

What is the Google I/O Conference All About?

The Google I/O conference, “I” standing for input and the “O” standing for output, has been happening annually since 2008. This year it is being held in San Francisco at the Moscone Center located at 800 Howard Street. In Google’s own words the event is “an annual developer conference featuring highly technical, in-depth sessions, and showcasing the latest from Google’s product teams and partners. The event is open to people 16 years old and over. The 5,500 Google I/O attendees are primarily web, mobile, and enterprise developers building applications in the cloud with Google and open web technologies. Products and technologies featured at Google I/O include Android, Google+, Google Chrome, Google Glass, Google Apps, App Engine and other Google Cloud Platform products, Maps, Commerce, Google TV, and more.”

This conference is geared towards serious developers and enthusiasts alike, and with the cost of tickets for general admission being $900.00, and for students $300.00, it weeds out people who might not be serious about being there. The cost is well worth it, however. Some highlights for people attending this event include getting first looks at the latest platform innovations at Google, picking and attending from over 110 in depth developer and technology talks with world-class keynote speakers, code labs enabling anyone attending to get a chance to work with and be surrounded by some of the best coders in the world, special women’s technology workshops and talks specifically for female developers, a developers sandbox featuring demos and Q and A sessions from over 100 of the worlds top leading technology developers, and people typically get brand new gear from Google that is not available on the market to the general public at the time of the conference. At the end of each day of the conference there will be some of the most awe-inspiring and cutting edge visual and live musical performances ever showcased.

The I/O conference is one of the largest and most influential events of its kind. Unfortunately tickets to the Google I/O conference sold out in a little under an hour after they went on sale, but the top keynote speaker sessions and talks will be widely available to everyone on cell phones, tablets, and computers during and after the conference itself.


Would You Trade Your Computer Mouse For A Fingermouse?

When mice started to become popular in the mid-late 1980s, the revolutionized the way that people used computers. They also revolutionized the way that computer programmers and designers looked at their devices. Gradually, using a computer became less about typing commands and more about clicking objects.

Now, a new product expects to revolutionize the computer industry again. It’s called the “fingermouse.”

The fingermouse, which the company Innovative Developments calls “Mycestro,” fits on the user’s index finger. To activate the device, the wearer just taps it with his thumb. Mycestro then communicates with the computer via a USB interface.

This offers several advantages over traditional designs. Perhaps most important, it reduces the risk of repetitive stress injuries. Since users don’t have to hold a mouse or track ball, they don’t run the risk of injuring themselves.

Mycestro also adds efficiency to using a computer. Since the user doesn’t have to reach for a mouse, he can keep his hands on the keyboard at all times. That might not seem like a big deal, but those seconds add up during the day.

Precision is another important benefit. When set at its highest sensitivity, the Mycestro can actually measure a user’s muscle twitches when he’s had too much coffee. That’s a possible liability that Innovative Developments has solved with software that learns about the user’s behavior. As the user becomes more adept at using the fingermouse, the fingermouse becomes better at interpreting his movements.

Users can even set the interface software to recognize certain movements. Moving your finger in a circle, for instance, might open a new Word document. Lifting the finger straight up might open an Internet browser.

Will you end up swapping your mouse for a fingermouse? Probably not for a few years.

The first big changes will likely happen in medicine and engineering. The Mycestro’s ability to interpret 3D movements so precisely could make it a game-changer in these and other industries. Eventually, though, the Mycestro (or something  very similar to it) will come to a store near you

Apple May be Working on a Competitor to Google’s Smartwatch

Google’s smartwatch has generated a lot of buzz, so it’s not surprising to learn that Apple could be working on a similar concept. According to rumors, Apple has 100 employees working on the concept. Once introduced, it seems likely that the product will receive the name “iWatch.”

Apple recently stopped making its square Nano, a device that many people were already wearing around their wrists. The iWatch could re-launch the square Nano concept while including more functionality and features.

The iWatch will reportedly use convex glass, which would make its display appear larger than it actually is. This would make it easier for people to read text messages, emails, and other information right from their wrists. That’s a lot easier that digging a cell phone out of your pocket.

At the moment, all this information is based on rumors and speculation. It’s possible that Apple has little interest getting into this new area of consumer technology. Considering Apple’s competitive spirit, though, that seems pretty unlikely. Ignoring this trend could set the company far behind Google, its biggest rival.

Trying to beat Google at its own game, however, hasn’t always worked well for Apple. The recent iPhone 4, for instance, didn’t use Google Maps. Instead, it included a proprietary map app designed by Apple. The app performed so poorly that Apple had to apologize for it. The company even encouraged iPhone 4 owners to access Google Maps via the Internet instead of using the map app.

Now, of course, iPhone users can download Google Maps from the Apple store.

A single app is small potatoes compared to wearable technology. Even if Apple and Google have to go head-to-head on this, Apple would be foolish to ignore this opportunity. People, after all, are already used to wearing screens on their wrists. This just takes the digital watch one giant leap forward. It’s something that Apple really cannot afford to ignore if it wants to stay relevant.

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