Best Ways to Clean Old Electronics

clean techWhile we are obsessed with getting our hands on the latest and greatest tech releases, many of us still have a closet full of old technology that we love dearly. There’s just one problem. As those old computers, game systems, phones, and audio systems get older, they tend to get a bit grimy. If you have old devices that you want to clean, here are some great applications that can do the job.

1. Rubbing alcohol

Long-loved as a cheap home remedy for cleaning grimy CDs, a bottle of rubbing alcohol costs mere pennies. Applied with a cotton swab, rubbing alcohol can clean all manner of electronics. Just remember never to pour it directly on a device, particularly one that is plugged in.

Uses: Cleaning contact sheets on video game controllers, cleaning stains off of a computer casing, disinfecting a cell phone, and removing stickers and label glue from your devices.

2. Cyber clean putty

Cyber Clean is a yellow substance that’s about the consistency of Silly Putty. Simply press the putty against any devices with surface grime then pull it away from the surface. A tub will set you back about 10 bucks, but it will last for years. It changes color to let you know when its time to buy a new tub.

Uses: Removing surface grime from keyboards, cleaning the crevices in video game controllers and the cases of game consoles, and removing stray crumbs from printers or audio equipment

3. Un-laundered microfiber cloths

Everyone knows how overpriced screen cleaners are. Save your money and opt for a microfiber cloth. These cloths don’t scratch the surfaces of a screen, and are surprisingly rugged cleaners.

If you need a little more cleaning power, you can spray a small amount of equal parts distilled water and rubbing alcohol on the cloth before wiping the screen. Never use detergent or fabric softener on these cloths, because laundry residues limit their cleaning power and leave a film on the cloth.

Uses: Cleaning computer monitors, LCD screens, and plasma screen TVs


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