Great Retailers to Buy a Mac From (That Aren’t the Apple Store)

Ebay logo imageThe Apple Store is a wonderful place to shop. True, it gets crowded around the holidays, but the environment and the staff make getting acquainted with Apple devices very pleasant. However, there are plenty of reasons for a Mac shopper to want to buy their next Apple computer from a retailer other than the Apple Store. Here are some other places you should consider buying your Mac from, that aren’t the Apple Store.

Best Buy

As much fun as browsing the Apple Store can be, there are some parts of the country where a Best Buy is much closer than the nearest Apple Store. For those looking to save money on gas alone, a nearby Best Buy may be preferable to a long trek to an Apple Store many miles away. Plus, Best Buy offers very reasonable and comprehensive protection plans in the event your Mac breaks down. Best Buy also sells Macs on clearance, ensuring that if you time your purchase right, you may save yourself some money.

Online authorized Apple resellers

Sites like MacMall and MacConnection are both authorized Apple resellers, making them a trusted place to buy a new Mac. In many cases, you can find a Mac for about 20 percent less than the original MSRP. MacMall in particular is known for “aggressively priced products” during their secret, members-only sales.


For tech bargain hunters, eBay is always a worthwhile stop. Whether you want a new-in-box Mac or are willing to buy a used model and make some improvements yourself, eBay is worth taking a glance at. Plus, some technology products on eBay can be bundled with a warranty from SquareTrade, giving you better peace of mind.

Your local university

If you are a college student, staff member, or faculty member, you are likely to be eligible for at least $200 in educational discounts when you buy a new Mac. Shopping at your university’s computer shop can compound those discounts in some cases (or at least score you some free software), so it’s always worth a visit to get a price quote.


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