Ouya: ‘Oh Yeah!’ or ’Oh No!’?

After much speculation, adulation and consternation, the Ouya was finally available at major retailers on June 25. The Ouya, some gamers argue, represents a major shift in the future of gaming. This Android-based system costs just $99, making it far cheaper than a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 console. Development was funded via Kickstarter, with the campaign raising a staggering $8.5 million and becoming the website’s second highest earning project ever. But not all is well in the world of Ouya. Here are the things that make us say “Oh Yeah!” and “Oh No!” to this new console.

Oh No!– Kickstarter backers got hosed

The Ouya got a lot of bad press during retail release week because many gamers who had backed the game on Kickstarter were yet to receive their consoles. Despite the fact that the Ouya began shipping to backers way back in March, there were many angry backers who hated the fact that they had paid to get their devices before they were in stores, and were let down.

Oh Yeah! — The Console is Cheap and Flexible

The Ouya is a big hit with gamers because of its low price, but also because of its flexibility. It’s easy to open up and make modifications to the hardware, and any Ouya box can become a developer box without the need to pay licensing fees.

Oh No! — Big Hardware and Software Issues

The few people who did get their hands on a console at launch experienced some big technical problems. The processor is weak sauce, and plenty of gamers have complained about the controller malfunctioning. With bad software and a controller that drives players nuts, the Ouya might be DOA.

Oh Yeah! — Free Games, and Good Games

At the time of writing of this article, there were 196 games on Ouya. All games are free to try, and the launch library includes titles like Final Fantasy III, Canabalt and SHADOWGUN. With a large, solid library that lets players actually play games without paying an arm and a leg, the Ouya may not be dead yet!

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