Unmanned Drones and Their Significance

Unmanned drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs are essentially aircraft with no human pilots…


Hidden Spy Cameras

It is said that the true persona of human beings comes out when they are alone. What…


Rise of the Digital Reader

Today we have come to an age where storage space seems to be running out. And the…


Four Little-Known Ways to Use Your iPhone for Household Tasks

The iPhone truly is an amazing piece of technology. Besides just making cell phone calls, it’s capable…

Car hacking

Sorry, but your car can be hacked

Michael Knight is driving along when KITT (you know, his talking car) suddenly breaks into song. “Daisy,…


Ouya: ‘Oh Yeah!’ or ’Oh No!’?

After much speculation, adulation and consternation, the Ouya was finally available at major retailers on June 25….

clean tech

Best Ways to Clean Old Electronics

While we are obsessed with getting our hands on the latest and greatest tech releases, many of…

Google time machine

Welcome to the Google time machine

Google has invented a time machine. In a sense. You cannot go back to the past, but…

Phaser TV remote

Phaser TV remote set to stun trekkies

Every now and again, a piece of tech comes along guaranteed to make nerds drool. You might…


5 Best Tech Blogs

You can barely throw a ham and cheese sandwich around these days without hitting another blog. It’s…

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