Nintendo Wii U

With the holiday season fast approaching, there is guaranteed to be a dizzying array of new releases…


A New Apple Product Revealed: Hello iPad Mini!

Apple has worked their magic again and is now bringing us a new and smaller iPad device….


Where to Find the Best Apps for Your Smartphone

Cell phone apps have revolutionized the way that people shop, communicate, and explore the world. If you…


What could happen when you’re laptop gets too hot?

Even though we live in an extremely technologically enhanced world, there are still minimal ways from preventing…


The Samsung Galaxy S3

The Next Big Thing? The first thing you will notice when you look at the Samsung Galaxy…


FTC Cracks Down on Virus Scareware

Some companies have taken scareware tactics to new, unacceptable levels, according the FTC. Scareware is software that…


Three Medical Technologies that will Change Healthcare

The future of medical technology is looking very bright. Each passing day increases expert understanding of the…


How to Tell if Your Smartphone has a Virus

In today’s fast moving, digital age, technological devices are a big part of our lives. Our very…


Play Instant Video on Your iPad

With over 84 million units sold to date, the iPad is clearly the top choice when it…


How Wi-Fi Works

Ever since networking came into existence, it has undergone numerous improvements to cater to people’s needs in…

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