Phaser TV remote set to stun trekkies

Phaser TV remote

Phasers set on “awesome” with this new TV remote modeled after the “Star Trek” weapon. PHOTO: Bing

Every now and again, a piece of tech comes along guaranteed to make nerds drool.

You might thinking nothing can compete with the bust of William Shakespeare that came out a few years ago. If you tip Will’s head back, you can press a secret button — just like on the 1966 TV show “Batman.”

How could anything be more awesome than that. Try a universal TV remote in the shape of a Type II phaser from the original “Star Trek” series.

Why do all the really cool things date from 1966?

Now if there could just be a TV remote shaped like Helena Bonham Carter.

The Type II phaser, in case you’re not a nerd, is the pistol-shaped version of the famous zap gun (as opposed to the little one that looks like a cellphone).

Digital Spy reports the phaser remote comes from the same company that made remotes to look like Harry Potter’s magic wand and the sonic screwdriver used on “Doctor Who.”

You mean the wand got made into a remote before the phaser?! It’s a galaxy gone mad.

As well as changing channels, Digital Spy reports the phaser remote stores up to 36 remote commands and makes these awesome phaser sound effects when you shoot your television.

The device is set to debut this month at Comic-Con in San Diego and officially go on sale in November for a little more than $100 through Firebox.

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