Rise of the Digital Reader

Today we have come to an age where storage space seems to be running out. And the weird part is that it is not just limited to digital content. Slowly everything around is being converted to its digital avatar. With the rise of the digital readers, otherwise called e-book readers, people believe that the beloved bookshelf is soon to disappear.

The reason why these readers are so popular is because of the convenience—they can easily carry multiple volumes of books inside them. Since the Internet is practically everywhere, buying books on the move has also removed the need to go to a bookstore. Many classics are available free of cost, so they can dazzle children generations from now.

Digital readers are similar to tablet computers, but vary in the technology employed. A tablet, such as an iPad, has a clear and sharp screen and has the ability to interact fast. However, in an e-book reader, electronic paper technology is used which makes reading in bright outdoors easier. Do not worry about the battery life since the battery is powerful.

Popular digital readers on the market are:

  • Amazon Kindle: Available in different variants, this is by far is the best-selling e-book reader around. It is backed by an amazing digital bookstore and a strong fan following.
  • Nook: Manufactured by Barnes & Noble; Nook, coupled with its Android OS, is becoming more popular.
  • Sony Reader: this is another excellent device from the electronic giant. This uses the same display technology as the Kindle.

Despite their increasing popularity, many believe that these digital readers will not hold the same emotional value as a book. Well, is it the book or the story that is so captivating?

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