Scrum masters wanted, apply at Candy Crush


Candy Crush

Yes, there’s are jobs for people like you. Candy Crush is hiring. PHOTO: 123rf

Adults may no longer like to read books are newspapers, but they do like to play candy-themed games on Facebook with characters like Tiffi, Mr. Toffee and Easter Bunny.

Surely you’ve heard of Candy Crush.

It’s that game your Aunt Millicent, who you haven’t seen n 20 years, asks you to play on Facebook some 657 times a week. It seems to have a niche in a culture where millions of people are eager to get in touch with their inner toddler.

So much so, in fact, that the Wall Street Journal reports that the folks behind Candy Crush are hiring.

Oh, yippy skippy!

Executives (or maybe they’re oompah-loompahs) at King Digital Entertainment are looking to fill 165 job openings, according to the paper. That’s roughly a fourth of their existing workforce.

Specifically, they need someone to walk players through the game’s tutorial and introduce them to the “Target Score Levels” and powerup tips. No, wait. Mr. Toffee does that.

What King Digital is really looking for is “scrum masters.” Yes, that’s an actual job that grown human beings put on their resumes. There are people out there who really do master scrum. And it’s not as dirty as it sounds.

Scrum is a way of developing software as a team. He who masters the scrum helps remove any obstacles in the team’s way. Imagine Sacagawea as some kind of nerdy poindexter type.

The scrum that needs mastering as well as other tasks the company has for people are all over the world from Seoul to Barcelona for 124 lucky design, engineering and development geeks.

Don’t think you will just be palling around with Tiffi. King CEO (no, it’s not Tiffi) Riccardo Zacconi tells the Wall Street Journal the company wants to lauch more games on various mobile platforms after launching only a meager three games last year.

However, even the land of Candy Crush is not without its problems. Wall Street Journal reports income from the game declined in the fourth quarter of last year.

Nonetheless, King execs say they’re ready to move on to the next level.

Richard Beaudoux, an analyst at French bank Natixis, tells the paper that they they candy-coated shark needs to keep moving forward.

“Of course, there is always a risk in adding employees and costs like this, but the company’s ambition must be to expand its number of mobile titles beyond the three that are currently performing,” he tells the Wall Street Journal. “King needs to be bold.”

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