Step Up Your Business’s Social Media Game

Yes, social media can seem like a playground where children (even those up to 40 or 50 years old) waste their time with degrading chitchat. Much like New Yorker cartoonist Emily Flake, I was happier thinking that “twerking” was drug lingo as opposed to some dance that involves… I have no idea what I keep seeing except that it involves butt-flapping, sticking out your tongue, and making Will Smith’s family very uncomfortable.

Despite the inane media and ridiculous feuds that take place online, you need it for your business.

Avoid the worst parts and take advantage of the best opportunities by focusing on what works well for your business. These are good places to start.


Ben Weitzenkorn recently wrote in Entrepreneur that Foursquare has unrolled a new feature that anticipates users’ needs. Those who frequent sushi restaurants, for instance, might receive promotional recommendations urging them to try certain dishes at a new restaurant. When done correctly (in other words, fun and not heavy handed), your business can turn Foursquare into a machine that brings more people through your door.

Facebook. Yep, Facebook

A lot of stupid drama happens on Facebook, but it has so many active users (665 million according to Yahoo! News) that you can’t afford to stand on the sidelines.

You’ll get the most from your business’s Facebook profile by staying engaged with your fans. Use it as a customer service platform where you answer questions and address concerns.

As Emily Wight writes in the Guardian, 80 percent of consumers claim they’re more likely to buy things more often from companies that use social media. You might not love the idea, but your customers do. That means it’s time to put on a happy face and build a profile.


Blogging falls within the social media genre because it’s quick and readers can respond to your writing. With any luck, they’ll also share your blog entries on Facebook so you’re business will become more popular.

Whatever you do, don’t start out thinking that blogging is easy. It’s something between a science, a craft, and an art. Check out Maisha Walker’s 10-Step Guide to Blogging before you post a single word.



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